you should try the blueberry one :)

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The Unreal candy is really amazing!

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seriously, everyone needs to check this candy out, it’s like if snickers had a brother, the normal snickers would be a couch potato with a gut and the unreal snicker would be running a 5-k. they’re good and for you to eat!

Rite Aid, I got problems… :)









Okay, so my first issue is those damn QR codes, I sadly don’t have a smart phone right now, so I can’t participate in the nature made deal to the full extent(my printer is down at the WORST time too). So I hope everyone is having fun with that deal. Oh, and if nobody knows about the pampers deal, go watch couponshoppingwitjane on youtube and it explains it all. But I warn you, if you’re just now finding out,  you’re probably not going to be able to get any because I went to my Rite Aid today and they only had on pack. And, quick piece of advice, it’s for sizes 1-3 as far as I know, they ring up as $6.24(got them price checked for y’all). Happy savings!! 😀

Target just paid me to shop!

Okay, so I’m loving Target this week! They have a deal going on right now on Eucerin and Nivea products. So, if you buy three of any of those brands listed, you’ll get a $5.00 gift card in return. Well, Target has a sale on Nivea Creme for $0.87! So I bought two of those and a 2-pack of Eucerin/Aquaphor healing ointment( received a $3.00 off coupon from Eucerin company), and only paid out of pocket $2.54 with tax! THEN I GOT BACK A $5.00 GIFT CARD!!! So run over to your nearest Target to snag this deal!

p.s.- If you want to buy three Nivea cremes to get the $5.00 gift card, YOU CAN! 😀



Hey Everyone!

Okay, so I’m new to this “blog” thing, I’m gonna say that first off! But, I am choosing such a wonderful day to start this, and that’s Coupon preview/match-up day! So, let’s get started with my FIRST steal of the week!

Rite-aid deal 5/6-5/12(paying you to shop):

this is a step-by-step walk through, you will be doing two, maybe even three transactions, if you  choose to go buy more.



Buy 2 Gerber baby foods at $1.59 each (They’re on sale for a buy one get one 50% off, which makes your current total  $2.39)

buy 2 No Nonsense essentials for $1.49 each(they’re on sale for a buy one get one free).

Your total=  $3.88(before coupons and +up rewards)

use  $1/1 peelie coupon found on No Nonsense Essentials(might not be available to some)

Total comes to $2.88

YOU WILL GET BACK $3.00 IN +UP REWARDS!(from Gerber baby food)


buy 2 StayFree maxipads(on sale at 2/$6.00)

Total comes to $6.00(before coupons and +up rewards)

use 2 $1/1 coupons found in 5/6 ss

your new total= $4.00

Use your $3.00 +up rewards from first transaction

your new total= $1.00


Now, at this point, you can continue to purchase more on your own behalf, or save that extra $3.00 +up rewards for another day.

And! As an added bonus, I learned from my friend  Maria that there is a $5.00 rebate found in some boxes of StayFree maxipads, which then makes this shopping trip paid for!


Have fun y’all!